Why ACA Now?


If you have friends who believe that Tennessee does NOT need ACA, ask them to watch the video found on the link below. It features our very own Sandy Dimick. They spend dozens of hours per week watching Fox News and believing that the people of Tennessee are doing fine without ACA.  Ask them to do you a personal favor and watch this video.  Thank you. 

Click HERE.

About Affordable Care Act

Background Information on the Affordable Care Act (ACA)

Many of our members have been asking for information on ACA.  What do I need to know?  How can I get up to speed on the latest issues and discussions?  To help, we've compiled a wealth of information into one document.  Click the link below to download it.  BEFORE YOU PRINT - be aware that this is a 60-page document!

BASIC INFO ON ACA (click here to download)

For another excellent and simplified explanation of what's going on with ACA, especially a recap of the lies that the Republicans are spreading, click HERE.


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