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WCDP has met with The Coalition for a Healthy Tennessee, coalition of over 100 organizations.  The Tennessee General Assembly will be meeting the first week of February to debate Governor Haslam’s Insure Tennessee Plan.  If you have not heard about this plan, it is a plan to leverage federal tax dollars along with funds from the Tennessee Hospital Association to create a health insurance program for the working poor in Tennessee.  If implemented, over 200,000 Tennesseans (including 20,000 veterans) would have access to healthcare through health insurance without raising any taxes.  
If you agree that this is a good idea, please contact our Williamson County legislators, Senator Johnson, Representative Casada, Represenative Durham and Representative Sargent to let them know you support Governor Haslam and the Insure Tennessee Plan.  Your legislators need to be contacted within the next two weeks.  An email or phone call will be very helpful.  Below is a link to your legislators’ contacts:
As an extra favor, could you please send an email to your friends, family and neighbors across the State who you think would be willing to support this effort?  Your friends can find their legislators at this same address.
Every contact with your legislator helps regardless of party affiliation; if you voted for or against them; or even if you like them.  You are their constituents and they need to hear from you.  I assure you that they will make note of your contact and your position on this issue.
For more information, you can go to The Coalition for a Healthy Tennessee at this website.
We need to support this legislation that will cover a few hundred thousand Tennesseans'.

***Below you will find a template that you can copy and paste to send an email to Senator Johnson, Representative Sargent, State Representative Durham, and State Representative Casada.

Copy and Paste this template into an email with your Information...

Dear Senator/Representative _________________

My name is {YOUR NAME} and I live at {YOUR ADDRESS} . I am your constituent. I have read the Insure Tennessee Plan that has been proposed by Governor Haslam. I believe the Insure Tennessee Plan is a unique plan to use federal dollars to expand health insurance to poor, working Tennesseans while not raising any of our taxes.


I support the Insure Tennessee Plan and would like for you to support Governor Haslam with your vote.

Please call me at {your phone number} if I can be of any further assistance.



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